Early Morning Unlimited  $200/ month

Truly Unlimited Membership $239/month

The Early Morning Unlimited Monthly Autopay is designed for the early riser who either wants to, or has to, get their workout in first thing in the morning.  So for $50 a week you can get 5 great group classes in and still get to work on time, or get back before the kids are even awake - its a no brainer!


Oh, and it gets better!  What if you want to come to a weekend class or to a pop up evening class, or you have a day off and you want to sleep in a little.  This Monthly Membership includes a 50% discount on drop in classes that aren't at the 5:30am time.  So you get the exclusive discounted class rate in the case that you have some flexibility in your schedule.  The discount is automatically applied when you book through MINDBODY on the App or on your computer.


And last but not least, the Early Morning Members have access to book the Peloton bike! So if you love to spin and need a great solo cardio workout one morning you have that option too! (Short on time? there are 20 and 30 min class options on the Peloton as well!)

**Fall 2019 the Early Morning Unlimited will be sold in limited quantities to do popularity**

The Truly Unlimited Membership is exactly what it sounds like - unlimited group classes at any time on any day. For just under $60 a week you can come to as many group classes as your schedule  allows and enjoy a different, challenging workout every time.


There are no choreographed workouts, workout routines, or something posted on a board for you to follow.  You get a thoughtfully planned training session every single time you come to Underground Training, whether its a HIIT class or a Yoga class.  


With the Truly Unlimited Membership you also have access to book the Peloton bike at the 5:30am class time if you are looking or a spin experience to supplement your training.  This is the no hassle option to booking all classes whenever you would like - early morning, the 9am HIIT classes, the Yoga pop ups - whatever works best for you! The Truly Unlimited Membership also includes 5% off all UG clothing and merchandise purchases which is an added benefit, exclusive to this Autopay.

Please be sure to read the contract terms carefully , you will be asked to agree and sign the contract electronically through the MINDBODY site