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Motivation & Accountability

I have developed a range of classes to fit the specific needs of my clients, no class is ever the same. Along with my one-on-one sessions, attending my classes provides a more social way of getting fit and the enjoyment of being part of a group working towards a common goal. Take a look at what I offer and sign up through MINDBODY for a session today.




This is a low impact class focused on light weights, body weight, and mat work.  Small movements targeting specific muscles with several sets are common in this class - however like all UG classes there is no cookie cutter routine.  Every class is different and different fitness "tools" will be utilized in each class. 



weights + a sick playlist = best way to kick of a weekday.  This is a great strength focused class where everyone utilizes weights that are right for them. One of the most popular UG classes, it includes varied exercises each week and challenging new movements.


TRX + Core 







45 minute class combining HIIT and core training.  This is a fast paced class designed around intense interval training and core work. You will build endurance through structured interval training while being challenged by new core exercises each week. 






Lower Intensity Functional Training: In this class you can expect to focus on functional movements - aka - movements that you utilize in everyday life. You will be challenged with resistance and reps and the occasional bit of cardio to elevate your heart rate. This class can be modified for most fitness levels.


The circuit

45 minute circuit style workout that will get your heart pumping and leave your legs shaking.  Starting on the main floor with light weights you will work through upper and lower body movements.  Then you move downstairs where the Circuit is setup and ready to go.  Sometimes you go through it with a partner and other times you are solo.  No circuit is ever the same which means zero boredom. Only 14 spots so reserve yours now! 



BOSU+ and BOSU30 are the newest classes at UG and a crowd favorite.  Theses classes are centered around the BOSU trainer working balance and strength while also working through challenge cardio and core movements.

This class is not recommended if you have current ankle or foot injuries.

$28 per class


Regardless of your current fitness level, any class can be modified whether it's an old injury or if it is your very first workout.  Sign up now and show up ready to sweat. TRY SOMETHING NEW.

(Please note that there is NOT the option to sign up someone else for classes.  In order to have waivers signed and class space maximized I do require anyone that is attending to have their own account)