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We're All on the Same Team

It’s no secret that my business started on the simple idea to “try something new”. Life wasn’t going as planned and no matter how hard I tried, I could not check all of the boxes. I took a chance a decided to go for it, life without an agenda. This life mantra has also become my mission as a fitness professional, and there is more too it than just a catchy hashtag.

In the fitness community, especially on the North Fork, it seems there is a lack of unity and support. Don’t get me wrong it does exist on a small scale but for an industry that is supposed to be focused on helping people lead healthier lives there is a lot of room for improvement. This is where I am hoping to make a change.

I am genuinely excited when I try a new class or get my ass handed to me by another trainer. And, even as a trainer I am always looking for new opportunities to challenge myself. Why not share my experience with my clients and encourage them to try something different with another trainer or teacher? I know I will never be an expert in all aspects of fitness, I’m not sure if such experts exist but if they do I would want to train with them too. Some of you reading this may think I’m crazy or making a poor business decision but I feel pretty great about this approach. I have a unique training style just like other trainers/coaches/teachers in the area. And maybe I’m naive, but, what if we could create a more collaborative fitness community on the North Fork? A community where branded t-shirts and bumper stickers sparked conversation instead of the “you can’t sit with us” scene from Mean Girls.

Maybe you’ve been stalking pilates reformer videos on Instagram, like me, and you want to try that. Great news, I know an incredible instructor who introduced me to “stick abs” earlier this week. If you’re looking for a challenging Crossfit workout with a great team atmosphere I know just where to send you. How about a one on one workout that will either make you throw up or get the shakes? I will connect you with a kick ass trainer who has an insane boxing style workout, or we can even schedule a training together (seriously, it’s happened). Then there is always the possibility that I will text you Saturday night to see if you want to hit up the Sunday yoga class on the sound which is just as incredible as it sounds. The kid president is right, we’re all on the same team so why don’t we start acting like it?

Let go of the routine, disable your auto-pilot, and try something new. This is my Space Jam.

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