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Is This Real Life?

Yesterday was one of those “is this real life?” kind of days. We’ve all had those crappy days where you silently mutter “what the hell?” to yourself and feel like the universe is against you. Saturday, October 28th was not that kind of day.

Everyone who has been to the new Underground Training space knows that the basement is my favorite part of the building but also a work in progress. My husband built fantastic shelves that store all of my “tools” (slam balls, medicine balls, kettlebells, etc) but the floor is kind of a hot mess. Regardless of sweeping and vacuuming there is always a fine dust that clings to sneakers creating a footprint nightmare throughout the main floor and the loft. Basically, if I’m not teaching a class I’m swiffer wet jetting the beautiful wood floors. However, as of 6:03am yesterday morning the dusty foot prints came to an end.

Two incredibly thoughtful, big hearted guys spent a good part of their Friday afternoon and Saturday morning prepping then painting the basement floor. I made my way to the gym at 5am Saturday to find these incredible guys already at work. This was their weekend and instead of sleeping in or enjoying coffee on the couch, they were in the basement painting, sweating, and carefully spreading the special specs into the wet paint. In less than two hours it was all done with plenty of time to spare before my first class

As usual, I was running on caffeine and passion but I got in a workout, walked the dog, watched the sunrise, and got back to the gym. The morning classes were fantastic, a new group of ladies came in excited to start private group sessions, and I wrapped up just in time to catch the Halloween parade with my sister and nephew, aka Batman. As we walked in the parade I had that thought, “is this real life?” I had spent the morning painting a basement floor with two men that I may have never met if it wasn’t for personal training. I watched the sun come up over the bay with my dog who is annoying as hell but also my best friend. I haven't said the word "work" in months because I don't feel like I am ever "at work" when I am training. And by 11am I was walking down the middle of the main road in our little town on this beautiful October day, surrounded by friends (some of whom were sporting Underground clothing, talk about a "pinch me" moment), family, and kids in adorable Halloween costumes.

I realized this is real life, and it’s incredible. There are great people out there and I am fortunate to have a whole lot of them in my corner. It was the type of day that makes you realize the positives outweigh the negatives and how everything really may happen for a reason.

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